Discover how to
differentiate your yarns
from the competition

Discover how to differentiate your yarns from the competition

…thanks to the only element capable of winning over even the most inexperienced buyers, thereby increasing sales and profits.

We print labels for:

Do you want to sell more, increase the value of your yarn brand and stand out from the crowd?

Get in touch with our experts.
They will guide you in creating the perfect label for your brand.

Get in touch with our experts.
They will guide you in creating the perfect label for your brand.​

Here’s the truth: if you want to attract new customers, quality doesn't matter!

This is because recognizing the quality of a yarn is a difficult task even for an expert in the field.

You can only judge it after you have tested it.

For this reason, quality is not the first thing that makes you attract new customers.

Or rather it’s not the reason why they choose to buy. You can encounter the same problem with wine.

You may know the origin, the winery, the chosen types of grapes… but the truth is that you cannot know whether you will like that wine or not until you have opened it and tasted it.

The only thing you can judge when buying wine is the label.

With yarns, it’s even harder.

Until you have bought the yarn, tested it to make an item of clothing, worn it and washed it…how can you tell if the yarn is of real high quality or not?

And up until a few years ago, we could go to the shop to touch balls of yarn and feel their quality first hand (in order to make a conscious choice of what to buy)…

Today this practice has almost disappeared!

We do everything online.

So, even assuming that your yarns are the best in the world… no one will ever know until they buy them.

So what can we do?

We have to start from the mindset of your potential customers.

What leads a potential customer to buy?

Your potential customer buys based on 4 concepts:

And if you can’t do anything about personal taste and the advice of influencers…

you can be certain about obtaining excellent results by working on your marketing and branding strategies.

A good marketing strategy – combined with a well-defined brand identity – makes the REAL difference today

Especially in a niche industry like ours, where hardly anyone has a real plan of action to differentiate themselves from the competitors and reach more and more customers.

“But if I sell balls of yarn and skeins, how can I stand out WITHOUT focusing on the quality of the materials?”

Well, there’s a way.

And it happens to be the only way:

eye-catching label capable of attracting your potential customers.

That’s right! The label is the only element that makes your yarn stand out from all others.

A label that reflects your values, that speaks about your brand and that will ignite the spark in people’s minds.

Something that will make them say:

“Okay, I’ll pick this ball of yarn”.

And that’s the difficult part.

That’s right, the label is the only element that distinguishes your yarn from all others.

A label that reflects and tells your brand and your brand is what will trigger the spark in people’s minds.

That something they will say:

“OK, I’ll choose this ball of yarn”.

And that’s the critical part.

Because once they buy your ball of yarn, when they realize that it’s quality, they will become your customers for life and will always buy yarns from you

But you have to win their attention first and lead them to buy.

Think about this:

Up to now, who have you entrusted with the production of your labels?

Are you personally managing it and are you in total control of the situation? Or is your yarn producer in charge of it? In this case, bear in mind that your brand image is in the hands of a printing house that you didn’t choose, but your yarn producer did. A printing house that doesn’t know anything about you nor your brand.

Here’s another question:

Do you work with a supplier that can guarantee consistent quality, from the very first label to the millionth? Or do you rely on one or more printing houses that just print labels without suggesting which solution would be best for you?

Or, even worse, a printing house that delivers your labels with faded colors, perhaps even different from those you were expecting? That delivers you badly die-cut labels? With its layout off centered? Maybe printed on a different kind of paper because the one you chose is “too hard to find”?

Well, all of this will make your yarns be perceived as low-quality or even fake!

Look at how we have given personality and uniqueness to our customers’ yarns!

By choosing My BallBand - the first and only marketing agency specialized in the yarn sector - you can be sure that your yarns will be valued as they deserve.

This is precisely our area of expertise.

We take care of everything:

We take care of everything:

From design to printing, up to the delivery directly to you – worldwide – or to your yarn suppliers.

We don’t have external suppliers. Every step is completed at our headquarters, in one of the most important textile centers in Europe.

We study our customers’ marketing and branding needs in depth to create a unique label that will make your yarn shine among all others. The ultimate goal is… to sell.

It’s to sell more and more easily.

Just think, the market is full of potential customers that haven’t tried your yarns yet.

In order to convince them, there’s only one instrument:

The label, the most powerful
marketing tool!

We are sure about it because at My BallBand, we have dealt with labels for 20 years now and we know exactly how to enhance your yarns.

At this moment you have two options to choose from:

going on like this, continuing to compete on pricing

going on like this, continuing to compete on pricing

or, ensure that your brand is finally recognized as one of the best in the hand-knitting world

have your brand finally recognised as one of the best in the world of hand knitting

If you want to stand out from the competition and elevate your brand recognition…

get in touch with our experts – they will guide you in creating the perfect yarn label for your brand.

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