Paper made from recycled coffee cups

Disposable paper cups are becoming more and more popular. Dynamic and fast-paced city life doesn’t always allow you to relax at the bar, so takeaway coffee is served in paper cups. Coffee on the go is more popular than ever and has become a trend in many countries.

But what happens with all these used cups? Today we discover how is created a fantastic paper for your yarn labels, by recycling coffee cups.

Tazzina is an eco-friendly paper inspired by our environment.

It was created thanks to the recovery of disposable paper coffee cups destined for landfill, to become a beautiful recycled paper.

To produce Tazzina paper is used CupCycling technology, which separates the plastic, that prevents the cup from getting soaked, from other paper waste.

In this way 95% of the waste from each cup is reconverted into paper fiber.

The remaining 5% of waste – which is plastic – is used for energy recovery in the production of recycled paper.

The Tazzina paper is available in ten colors and two weights (130 gr. and 380 gr.), and is suitable for any type of your yarn labels.


Conscious consumption must be preceded by conscious production.

We at My BallBand reduce our environmental impact by collaborating with paper mills that transform waste into beautiful eco-friendly papers.

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