How to read yarn label

You already know that yarn label is very important for a yarn seller and play a significant role in product branding. But it is also very important for knitters. And now we will find what is written in yarn label and how to read it.

Reading the yarn label will help you to find out the 8 main points of information about the yarn:

  1. Brand name and yarn name
  2. Fiber content: wool, cotton, viscosa, mixed fibers
  3. Yarn weightand length: 50g/150meters
  4. Gauge information: how many rows and stitches in a 4×4 inch (10cmx10cm) square
  5. Recommended needle/hook size suitable to use with this yarn weight
  6. Color name and dye lot
  7. Laundry care: hand washes only etc.
  8. Place of production and website.


1. Brand name and yarn name
The yarn brand and yarn name are usually at the top of the label. This information tells you the name of the company that made the yarn and the name of a specific yarn article. You should keep this information in case you need to restock or use the same yarn for any other projects.

2. Fiber content
Here you will find what the fibers are made of, it can be 100% wool, cashmere or mixed fibers.

3. Yarn weightand length
Usually the yarn weight is shown in grams. The length of the yarn can vary from 40 meters up to 600 meters. This is probably one of the most important reasons to read the label. You will find out how much yarn is actually in the skein.

4. Gauge information
Gauge information shows how many stitches and rows you need to use and suggests the size of the needles. This information gives you an idea of what the final knitted fabric will look like.

5. Recommended needle/hook size
The recommended knitting needles and/or crochet hooks can typically be found inside the square that tells you the gauge of the yarn. Inside the squares, you’ll see some numbers and letters that indicate the recommended size of knitting needles or crochet hook to use with this particular yarn.

6. Color name and dye lot
Each label has name and dye lot number that indicate what color your skein is, and both are equally important. Yarn is typically dyed in batches, the dye lot is the number assigned to a batch of yarn. It’s better to make sure all of the yarn you buy is the same dye lot all with the same dye lot number – because if you get a different dye lot there will be a slight variation in the color.

7. Laundry care
Last but not least, the yarn label will also include washing instructions. It’s important to know how to wash and dry your finished project. You will normally see the standard laundry care symbols.

8. Place of production and website
On some yarn labels you will find the address and website of the manufacturer.


Yarn label contains a lot of important information! It will be difficult at first, but once you get used to the yarn label symbols and terms, you’ll be able to read them easily and be ready to make a decision about which yarn to buy for your next knitting project.

Hope this helps!
Happy label reading!