How to make your yarn stand out from competitors… the answer is hidden in the packaging of chocolates

The quality of your yarn is the only way to attract customers?

Are you convinced that the quality of your yarn is perceived by your customer? Does it make sense to invest in a beautiful and well-designed label if yarn is the protagonist?

Keep reading and you will discover an experiment done on the packaging for the sale of chocolates;

I’m sure that after reading it you will reconsider the importance of your label.

The experiment of the International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science concerns a group of consumers and two types of chocolates: milk and dark. The participants first tasted the dark chocolates, and then the milk ones.

And up until now there’s nothing new… but what interests us is the packaging that was used for chocolates. The sweets were in 7 packs of different colors: first chocolates divided by taste in black packaging, then in blue and green boxes and so on up to lighter colors such as pink and yellow. At the end of the tastings, the participants rated the sweets according to their preferences, pointing to the sweeter and most bitter dark and milk chocolate.

Thus, the dark chocolates in black boxes were the most bitter, while the milk chocolates in the same package were chosen as the best for quality. In yellow and pink packaging the taste of chocolate was sweeter than in the green box.

But in reality, all the dark and milk chocolates in all the boxes were the same.

The perception of taste changed according to the first impression, born from the packaging of the sweets. 

The experiment wanted to demonstrate how important the first impression is, to the point of changing the taste of identical chocolates. Just think, the taste of the sweets was affected only by the color. Imagine the power a custom yarn label could have!

Your yarn may be the best in the world, but how does a potential customers perceive its quality if they’ve never tried your skein before?

The answer is: with the label! A quality paper, a particular shape and a memorable design will make your yarns unique and unforgettable.

As Oscar Wilde said: “There is no second chance to make a good first impression”.

At this point you have three different choices.

You can keep believing that your customers doesn’t care about your label.

You could also print “do it yourself” labels at home or in a simple print shop, with the risk of being another anonymous producer among many others.

Then the last option is to rely on a specialized printing house, which will transform your label from a simple anonymous band to a magnet to attract potential customers.


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