Hank, cake, ball, skein or cone… Which do you choose?

Today we speak about the most common forms of knitting yarns and the labels to match for each shape. To simplify, we commonly use the words ball or skein; actually each form has its own specific name.



This is a common  and perhaps the most comfortable shape of yarn, both for knitting and crochet. The ball can be wound by hand or wound on the spinning wheel.

The right label to hold the ball can be wrapped with a double-pointed or single-pointed band.



Before using a hank of yarn, you need to make it into a ball. You can use a ball winder or, if you don’t have one, just use your arms. Working the hank in its original form you risk tangling the threads.

The right label for the hank is a tag or a band.



If you use an electric ball-winder from a hanked yarn you get a cake. It is a kind of high ball with a flat top and bottom. The name derives from its shape similar to a cake.

The right label for this form of yarn is a band.


Bullet skein

The mix between the skein and ball is a bullet skein. It is the classic and known form. In this case, the yarn can be pulled both from the outside and from the inside.

The right label for this ball is a band.



In this case the yarn is wrapped in a cone of plastic or rigid cardboard. On the market there are cones with different types of yarn, such as cotton, wool, polyester or mixed. The cone usually fits over the bobbin holder of knitting or weaving machines, but can also be used for hand knitting yarns.

The label for this shape is a curved band.


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